My favorite moment

clThe first novel in my Herezoth trilogy, “The Crimson League,” is free this Valentine’s Day for download. As that’s the case, I wanted to share my favorite moment. The novel’s been described in reviews as a mix between sword-and-sorcery and urban fantasy and reminiscent of “The Hunger Games.”

My favorite moment of the novel is when Kora reunites with Zacry in the barn at Wheatfield, after rescuing him and Bennie from the Crystal Palace. There’s something so very human about the scene! It makes me think of my own family and how dear they are to me. Here’s the section:

“Kora?” called Lanokas. He scrambled up the ladder, Neslan at his heels. “Kora, is that you?” She gasped in response. The landing had knocked the wind out of her. “Kora!”

“It’s me. It’s me, guys. I’m all right. Desfa…. Desfazair.” (Kora cancels an invisibility spell with that incantation).

Hayden clambered up last to see three bodies in a heap. “She did it! They’re all here!”

Zacry sat up, wide-eyed and pallid. Kora saw him by the light of a taper Lanokas held, saw his panic, and she threw her arms around him, holding him so tightly she feared she caused him pain. He did not protest. Neither did he wipe his sleeve, which her tears were soaking through; his arms were occupied, once the initial shock had passed, holding her with just as much force as she him.

If you haven’t yet discovered Herezoth, here’s you chance. You can download the novel HERE free of charge from

If you have read the book, what’s your favorite moment? Post a quote or description below if you have one!


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