“The Crimson League” 4 star review: Debbie Prins

front cover, depicting the forest path between Kora’s home and the village of Hogarane, a critical setting in “The Crimson League”

Debbie Prins is an independent reviewer I connected with via a review seekers group on Facebook. She agreed to review “The Crimson League” in exchange for a free reviewers copy. The free book in no way influenced her review; she gave 4 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.

Debbie says:

I really enjoyed The Crimson League. The main character in this book is extremely likeable and you get behind her struggle immediately. I found the character descriptions a but vague but I like being able to imagine the characters myself. You could find it frustrating if you like a picture painted for you.

The world the author created is extremely believable and I could picture it quite well. The struggles and oppression of the people in the story was easy to imagine and to get outraged about.

The antagonist was strangely honourable even though he was very sadistic. But that made it more real. It was easy to hate him and his power and unbeatableness added nicely to the tension of the story.

The relationships between the characters were nicely built up but I felt that it could have been embellished on even more. I was disappointed with the lack of romance and a “happy ever after” ending but that did make the story unique and kept the focus on the storyline.

Certain parts of the book I felt could have been embellished on and the end felt a little rushed, but that could be because I didn’t want it to end.

I would definitely recommend this book as a really good read.


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