Ten Thoughts on Receiving the Second Novel’s Proof Copy

As I prepare “The Magic Council” for its November release date, I realize that it will be my second indie publication. Though there are some obvious benefits to indie pub that led me to choose to publish my own material–such as full control of the work and its content, as well as release dates, cover art, etc–since I released “The Crimson League” in April, I’ve discovered a number of other benefits to indie publishing that I hadn’t expected. One is the magical feeling of holding that all-important proof copy in your hands as it arrives after you’ve been stalking the mailroom all day long! Here are ten thoughts that occurred to me when I received the proof yesterday:
1. Holy mess! This is just as awesome as the first time around! The feeling of holding your book for the first time doesn’t get old when it’s happened before with a different work. I HAVE A NOVEL!!!!

2. Bout time, too. I worked HARD on this thing for a while now!

3. I hope this novel’s as good as the first one. I hope people like it. The tone and pacing are different, after all. I DO like the blend of old and new characters. And man, I LOVE the new characters….

4. How many more proof copies should I order after going through this one and making changes???

5. Should I change the cover? Maybe I should change the cover. No, I don’t need to change…. But maybe….

6. Move up release date??? I probably could, if I wanted. Then I wouldn’t have as many advance reviews, though.

7. It would be good to have advance reviews before the release. (Yea for learning! I’m learning as I gain experience with this stuff!)

8. I’m glad I wrote the dedication to the nephew and the nieces. And… OOH, pretty coral color on the spine and back cover!

9. Glad I have the proof, but DANG, do I need to go through this novel AGAIN? I’ve gone through it SOOO many times already….

9.5 Still more fun to go through it again than doing oral exams stuff. But DANG, do I have to?

10. Yes, Victoria, you have to go through it again. But happy dance time first! YOU HAVE A SECOND NOVEL! 🙂


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