5 Random Facts About the Crimson League

“The Crimson League” is the first fantasy novel in my Herezoth trilogy. As the sequel, “The Magic Council,” release is a short two months (November 9, 2012),  I figured this could be a good time to write a post with some fun factoids about the book readers might not know.

  1. I USED TO BE A GAMER. My friends and I played “Warhammer” in college, and I had to cut myself off cold-turkey from “World of Warcraft.” (I had a level fifty mage named Posa.) This background influenced the first Herezoth novel a lot: I made sure I had sorcerers, swordsmen, distance weapon specialists, a student, and even thieves in The Crimson League, thus representing a range of classes in “Warhammer.” I also named the kingdom “Herezoth” what I did because I liked the “-oth” ending of Azeroth, the land where Word of Warcraft takes place.
  2. KORA’S BROTHER WAS ALMOST A SISTER. Kora Porteg is the protagonist of the novel, and her eleven-year-old brother is a major, and a really fun, character. He’s sarcastic, witty, and smart. Also resilient and stubborn. I adore him. He was almost a girl, but before I started writing I realized it would be better to give Kora a brother instead. One of the best writing decisions I think I’ve ever made.
  3. I’VE BEEN SURPRISED THAT KANSTEN IS A LOT OF PEOPLE’S FAVORITE CHARACTER. Kansten, a young woman who supports the Crimson League, is gruff, tough, and won’t take any of your bull. I didn’t know when I created her she’d become a major character, and I definitely didn’t realize people would love her as much as they do, but a number of reviews have mentioned she’s their favorite. It makes me happy! I myself have always been partial to a different woman in the League as my fav character, Laskenay. Her story fascinates me. Always has.
  4. I FINISHED THE ROUGH DRAFT DURING MY SUMMER ABROAD IN MADRID. I’m a grad student of Spanish lit, so between getting my master’s degree and beginning a new program for my doctorate, I spent the summer in Spain. My knowledge of Spanish culture, literature, and language has had a huge influence on Herezoth, from urban planning (plazas) to the magic language to place names. (Kora is from the village of Hogarane, and “Hogar” is the Spanish word for “home.”)
  5. I HAD NO IDEA I WOULD END UP WRITING A TRILOGY WHEN I BEGAN, OR EVEN WHEN I ENDED, “THE CRIMSON LEAGUE.” The idea to write more novels about Herezoth came later. While there’s a sequel coming out in November and I have a first draft finished of the last installment, I had no intentions at the get-go of anything beyond one novel. “The Crimson League” does have continuations, but they take place 1o and 25 years later. The first novel can EASILY stand alone as its own full and completed story.

Well, that’s all for now!!! Hope you found these musings of some interest. Feel free to explore the blog for more information, and to contact me through a comment or an email (greferauthor@yahoo.com) if you want to get in touch.


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