Six Sentence Sunday 3: THE MAGIC COUNCIL

November 9, 2012: Herezoth’s next chapter begins!

Today’s “Six Sentence Sunday” snippet comes from “The Magic Council,” the upcoming sequel to “The Crimson League.” Formerly the League’s young apprentice thief, Bennie’s no longer a seventeen-year-old girl as she discusses rescuing the kidnapped princes:

The right half of Bennie’s face pulled up in a wry grin. “I’ve been through worse than this, Lanokas.” The king’s second middle name, which he had used as an alias in the days of the Crimson League. “What if things go badly, hmm? What if Dorane shows up, and ties up the sorcerers’ time, or God forbid, takes them down, and the boys are magically sealed away? Who’d get them out? I’d have to, with my picks.”


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  1. That sounds great! I love this type of book even though I’m old enough to be a teenager three times over!

  2. I should have used my correct address in my response above. It’s now below.