Six Sentence Sunday

front cover, depicting the forest path between Kora’s home and the village of Hogarane, a critical setting in “The Crimson League”

Today’s Six Sentence selection comes from “The Crimson League.” I decided to go for intrigue this time: who’s talking? about whom? Here’s the teaser:

“I’m sure she loved you. She probably still does. Her parents, they must have forced her into this. What could she say, that she was engaged to a dead man she hoped would come back?”

“With all due respect, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I know you told me that having a life with her was the reason you’re doing this.”

GOOD NEWS: If this piqued your interest, you’re in luck. “The Crimson League” is FREE October 22-24 in ebook format! For the US download page, CLICK HERE. For the UK, CLICK HERE. Also, you can visit the blog page labelled “The Novel” for more information.


3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Yes its an intriguing six, and I absolutely plan to read more.

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