Five More Confessions Of A Novelist

So, I’ve written a previous post with ten writer’s “confessions.” People liked it, and many commented to confess some of the same things. Due to the acclaim, I figured I’d write some more.

  1. I hardly know anything that’s going on with the world of television. With the exception of a couple of NBC Thursday sitcoms (I will steal Ben Wyatt away from Leslie Knope!) if you make a reference to popular television culture, chances are I’ll no clue what you’re referring to. I’m pop culture ignorant. The time other people watch tv I spend reading and writing.
  2. I can zone out anything when I’m really into a book, and I hope to write something that enthralls someone else that way. When I was a kid, apparently there was a small fire (no lasting damage, so really small) on the second floor of my grandparents’ house while the whole family was there. I was so engrossed in some Babysitter’s Club book that I failed to notice when the firemen walked into the room and tromped upstairs. Seriously. Everyone still makes fun of me for it.
  3. I write fantasy because I’m too afraid to try my hand at mystery. I love fantasy, and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter seriously changed my life. But before ever reading those, I was a total sucker for Nancy Drew and later for Agatha Christie. There’s not a Hercule Poirot novel or short story I didn’t devour the summer before I started high school. I love a good whodunit, partly because I know I don’t have it in me to write a good one. You mystery penners, my hat’s off to you!
  4. Sometimes I have no clue what to name a character. Naming a character can be miserably difficult. When I was writing my first awful novel that I will always keep under wraps, I had a peasant girl I needed to name: I ended up pulling out my senior year book (I was a freshman in college at the time) and flipping through until I found something that would work. Danielle. I named her Danni.
  5. Almost every single day, I feel like I would rather work at a coffee shop or book store than be a grad student. That’s in no small part because if I worked a normal job, my free time would be my own, and I’d have more time to write. I’ve become disillusioned with grad school, and I hate that one of the major pains of grad school is that there is ALWAYS something you SHOULD be doing for grad school. Therefore, I feel guilty for writing, but you know what? Writing is my calling and my passion. It makes me happy, much happier than my studies do and happier than the degree I’m plodding toward ever can. So I write daily.




7 responses to “Five More Confessions Of A Novelist

  1. That fire story is awesome, haha. And I work at a bookstore part time, it sucks, trust me. Check out some of my posts if you don’t believe me.

  2. #4 resonates. I hate trying to find names for my characters, but once I settle on the names, I’m good to go.

  3. I can totally relate to #2 – although not with as interesting distractions as yours!

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