Six Sentence Sunday: THE MAGIC COUNCIL

November 9: Herezoth’s next chapter begins!

As promised, today’s six sentences come from the upcoming sequel to “The Crimson League.” What are the king’s sons thinking about as they sit kidnapped by a group of renegade sorcerers? Hune’s eight, Neslan ten. Their brother Valkin, though not featured in the passage, is eleven.

Hune missed Rock as well, the stable hand’s son. Hune would climb on his pony and Rock would take Neslan’s—Neslan never complained because he never caught them—and they would lead their mounts to the open field behind the stables, and break off low-hanging branches to use as swords, and pretend to be knights from the old days fighting dragons. Funny, how the dragons always felt real to Hune. He could picture them, thirty times his size; the sun’s reflection off their hard, red scales dazzled his eyes. Hune could see the powerful, thick tails arching over their backs, smell the smoke on their breath, see their fangs long and sharp as daggers, but the dragons never frightened him like Ursa’s bear did.

Neslan was pondering the question neither of his brothers could answer: what would happen to them if their parents could not arrange their safe return?

Don’t miss out on “The Magic Council” in November!


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