What’s In a Name?

NOVEMBER 9! Mark your calendars. And don’t forget to read “The Crimson League” before release!

The Magic Council” is FREE for download from January 7-January 11! Here’s a selection, where sorcerer Vane and his new friend August discuss their respective names.


“Vane,” said August. “Vane…. It’s an odd name, isn’t it? I don’t know that it suits you. It makes me think of a weathervane spinning any which way with a gust of wind. Like you let people bully you. I’ve always loved names,” she explained. “I like to think they reveal something about people. My name doesn’t fit me either. August’s the hottest month, when the sun’s overbearing, but I’m not. At least, I like to think I’m not.”

Vane admitted, “My parents named me Valkin.”

August’s eyes grew wide. “Did they? That’s a good name, a strong name. Much stronger than Vane is. Does anyone call you Valkin? Would you mind if I did? Not Valkin perhaps—that’ll always be the king’s son— but Val, maybe?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” said Vane. It seemed appropriate to have at least one person call him by his father’s name, after what he had read in Laskenay’s journal. “And your name has a second meaning, did you know that? It means majestic.”

August thought of herself clad in the queen’s gown, feeling drowned by mounds of fabric. “That doesn’t match me either.”

“You could learn to be august,” Vane told her.

“How? I don’t know who August is.” Before Vane could respond, the oak-paneled doors of the library flew open, and the princes barged in. August smiled, a strained smile.

Neslan told her, “We have an hour before lessons.”

“You never finished that story about Sir Brogle,” said Valkin.

“Could you finish it now?” asked Hune.

And on the topic of “The Magic Council,” the first advance reviewer has finished the book! While I haven’t seen a review, a message from the reviewer, whom I met through a review seekers group on Facebook, has given me high hopes! She wrote me, “Where do you want me to post reviews? P.s. It is your fault directly that I have had VERY little sleep these last few days!”


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