MORE Ways You Know You’re A Writer

Last week, I wrote a post about How To Know You’re a Writer. It was well received, so I thought I’d expand upon. Without further ado: more ways you know you’re a writer.

  1. YOU CAN’T FOLLOW MOVIES, ESPECIALLY ONES YOU DON’T JUST LOVE. You try to pay attention. Seriously, you do. But your mind wanders over that writer’s block issue, or you start plotting out that next scene, or you develop a character’s backstory, and before you realize what’s happening ten minutes have past and you’re completely lost. Dang. Oh well. No use trying to follow the movie now. Back to that writer’s block/next scene/super-awesome character…. Please please please, someone tell me this isn’t just me!
  2. YOU COMPARE REAL LIFE PEOPLE (SUCH AS POTENTIAL DATING PARTNERS) TO THE FAVORITE CHARACTERS YOU’VE WRITTEN. OR READ. BUT ESPECIALLY WRITTEN. If you’re strong enough to avoid this pitfall, know you are lucky. I’m not, and this is a bad call. Very bad call. No one’s ever going to be a real life Lanokas or Vane in my life. No one is just that awesome in the real world, and I know that, but I cannot help myself. On the other hand, maybe you write about serial killers and not brave, gentlemanly sorcerer-types. In that case, those normal guys might be looking pretty good….
  3. CLEANING TIME IS DAY-DREAM TIME. Washing dishes or scrubbing the tub means time to thing about your awesome Work In Progress. What, the sink’s overflowing? I’m on it, yeah. As soon as I, uh, am no longer sure what word should come next…. Give me a minute. Or forty or seventy….
  4. YOU’RE ONLY SKIMMING THIS, NOT REALLY READING, BECAUSE IT’S NOVEMBER FIRST. November first means National Novel Writing Month! Most certainly, you don’t have to succeed at or even attempt NaNoWriMo to be a bonafide writer. But according to their site, 300,000 people do take the plunge annually. If you’re one of those, like me, then good luck, and write feverishly! What are you doing on my blog??? 😛

4 responses to “MORE Ways You Know You’re A Writer

  1. Guilty of skimming! I’m determined to keep up with everything during NaNoWriMo, but every time I make a comment, I wonder if I’m wasting word count! Happy Day 1!

  2. Yep, you just nailed me. I’m an accountant by day and writer by night. Well writer 24 hours a day in brain and heart. I’m constantly zoning out in the middle of the day, sitting at my desk thinking out a character problem or just creating in my mind the next scene. Vacuuming is the best time for me to really think. The sound drowns out all other thought. Writers are just not very good at focusing on normal life – LOL!

    • 🙂 glad to meet a fellow writer Stephanie! thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with trouble focusing on the task at hand, lol!

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