NaNoWriMo: Writing is Magic

It’s here!!!!!

In yesterday’s “Pep Talk” email from the folks at NaNoWriMo, and in particular from Kevin Wilson, something really caught my attention. Referring to every NaNo’s quest to write 50,000 words in November, Wilson wrote,

“You are embarking upon a month-long incantation that might, possibly, produce magic. And that is what everyone wants, something magical and transformative.”

I LOVED the phrasing, of course. I mean, I’m a fantasy writer. Magic’s what I do: sorcery, spells ancient and new, people hunted for their magic…. It was awesome to remember magic’s what ALL writers do. Historical fiction, romance, children’s literature, science fiction, all of it’s magic.

Writing fiction is art. It’s self-expression. By nature it holds the awesome paradox of being deeply personal as well as an act of communication. It’s an act of creation, and that holds me in awe because from my particular, Catholic perspective, it’s an opportunity and one way of many to live in imitation of God, whom I believe made humanity in God’s image and likeness. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, it’s safe to assume we can all agree that writing is creative, is creation, and that the implications of that are pretty stunning when you really stop to consider them.

So for those attempting NaNo, good luck, and hold your head high! My NaNo project is a continuation of my Herezoth novels, the first in what will hopefully become a second trilogy. The first day of writing was great for me! I didn’t really have a word count goal; just planned to chug along all morning. Turned off the inner editor, stuck to the outline (so far) and have 4355 words! Hopefully I can write some more tonight.

If you have a spare moment, feel free to comment about your first day’s work and to describe your project.


9 responses to “NaNoWriMo: Writing is Magic

  1. I started off quickly, but it didn’t take long for me to uncover some weaknesses as a writer. I’m working on improving my dialogue writing, which seems really tough and where I’m getting hung up. I’ll have to dig through your posts – you’ve probably already written about dialogue. I posted about my struggle yesterday and a lot of people seem to have the same issues.

  2. This is the second NaNoWriMo I’ve done. Yesterday was a good day, today slower but still over 2k which I am pleased with.

    • 2k is great! that’s over the daily average of what you need, so no worries, I say 🙂 congrats and good luck! i’m impressed you’re a second timer. I’m doing it once to be able to say I did it. Not sure I’ll do it again.

  3. This is the first time I’ve entered NaNoWriMo and I’m not going as fast as other obviously are, but it’s a great push to write daily.

    • i’ve found that too! great push to just keep writing. my advice would be don’t worry about comparing yourself to others and their output. just do what you’re able, shoot for your 50,000 by the 30th, and you’re set! For some, it might provide motivation to try to keep up with others. It would only cause me anxiety, personally!

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