NaNoWriMo: The First Sentence

I must have that pen!

I did a lot of preparation for NaNoWriMo this year. WAY more prep, in fact, than I’ve ever put into a work before I started writing. I have a great outline, and at this point, with 26,000 words, I’m about 99.9% sure my outline will get me all the way to 50,000 words. (I’ve only written one of the three major action scenes I have set up in the first part already. And that’s not counting anything in part II.)

What I didn’t take the time to plan–I realized at 6:15 AM on November 1–was how to start the novel. Sure, you can’t write it ahead of time, but the first line is really critical, and I hadn’t thought about it at all. I did the productive thing, wordcount-wise, and just started writing. I tend to really, really obsess about how to start one of my novels, so that was a big victory for me, just throwing something on the page. I’m not sure if I’ll end up keeping the first paragraph mostly like it is or not, but anyway, I thought I’d share it. Yea for “The Esclavan Abductions”!

The Honking Heron was the village of Carphead’s best-known tavern, and its most popular by far, despite the fact that people in Herezoth’s largest fishing village were familiar with herons and knew the birds did not honk at all.  The Duchess of Ingleton, Herezoth’s only common-born noblewoman and a heroine of sorts to the people, had lived some years in Carphead and had frequented the Heron with her sister, as a plaque out front prominently displayed.

Anyways, guys, off to study for orals and prepare for Friday’s release of “The Magic Council.” (By chance, the Duchess of Ingleton happens to feature prominently in the book.) And don’t forget to enter both of my giveaways this week! Here on the blog you can enter a rafflecopter giveaway for autographed paperback copies of both “The Crimson League” and “The Magic Council” (see link to the right). I’m also giving away three more autographed copies of “The Crimson League’ on


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