NaNoWriMo…. Feeling the DRAG

“Nobody said it was easy. But nobody said that it would be this hard.” (Actually, THEY DID. Which is why I’m not worried!)

I was warned. I was warned by a fair number of NaNoWriMo vets that weeks 2 and 3 suck. They’re really difficult. You just have to suck it up and keep writing. Today, November 5, has been my slowest writing day to date, with a production of 2,020 words, still some 400 over the 1,667 average of what you need each day. I’m doing more than fine with the wordcount, but I’ve never, never felt this DRAINED from writing. I was happy to get a good push to start, but man… It’s only November 5 and already I’m feeling the drag. I started off SO well that the burnout hit even before week 2.

I know I’ll be fine though. I’m already over half-way, and I know this burnout is normal because everyone who’s done NaNo that I’ve talked to has mentioned it. I’ll make sure to get around 2000 words a day from this point out, maybe 3000 if I’m feeling like I want to keep going, and I’ll finish 50,000 well ahead of time.

One reason I’m glad I got such a jump is that Friday is a HUGE day for me. BOOK RELEASE! “The Magic Council” comes out, and “The Crimson League” will be free for download on amazon for November 9 and 10th. Those events will take a huge chunk of time away from me, obviously. But that’s fine because I have NaNo in a good place. And a little bit of a breather will do me good.

So, there’s my update. GOOD LUCK to all other WriMos!


10 responses to “NaNoWriMo…. Feeling the DRAG

  1. Oh I totally get the drag – you really have to dig in to keep the momentum up. I’m not going for full word count and I’m feeling it too. But your wordcount is awesome – well done you and best of luck for the book launch!

  2. Yep, I’m dragging. My pathetic daily word count shows me just how “out of shape” I’ve let myself get since I published my first novel in August.

    I had plans to write a new dystopian novel this month, but ideas for the sequels to my first novel keep crowding up my brain space. I finally just gave up and started working on them, figuring that any novelling is good novelling.

    It may be paying off, though. This morning, unbidden, I got an idea for a little scene for my dystopian novel, so I gave it 360 more words. It’s like if I make some room in my head by getting the other stuff down on paper first, I’ll have room for the new story to blossom.

  3. Like you I started well but haven’t liked anything I’ve written in the last day or two but that’s partially because I wrote away from the outline. I’ve spent a couple of hours putting the story back on track.
    I’m looking forward to tomorrow to carry on.
    Good luck with your launch.

  4. Yay on the book launch! As for the book drag…I have faith you can battle and pull through. 🙂

  5. I successfully completed NaNoWriMo once. I don’t know how I did it. I had tried once before that and only reached about 35,000 words. I guess the second time I knew what to expect, and I was in the position to give it the time it required that year. But now–knowing what to expect and having succeeded once, I’m never doing it again. 🙂 I know that my maintainable pace is roughly 1,000 words a day, and I’m fine with that, even if it isn’t good enough for NaNo.

    • while NaNo was something I wanted to do personally as a kind of rite of passage/bucket list item, I don’t know that I’ll do it a second time. And I definitely don’t think it’s something you have to do even once to be a be real “writer.” It is nice that it gives people a push to just get the words flowing and produce, whether or not they “win”

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