Confessions of a Bookworm

Embrace your inner worm.

I had some fun responses to previous posts along this vein: (Top Ten Confessions of a Novelist and More Confessions of a Novelist.) So today, here are some confessions of a bookworm. You know you’re a reader when:

  1. You literally have a book or a kindle with you EVERYWHERE you go. If you prefer real books, and you know you’re approaching the end of a novel, you bring a second book with you, because even though you’re pretty sure that well, between walking to class, sitting in class, and walking home you’re not going to have time to read a word, nonetheless thirty-thirty-five pages, you must be prepared. Heaven knows the sky’s coming down if you’re caught with a spare moment and nothing to read. Do you want to responsible for that? DO YOU? (I didn’t think so.)
  2. You get somewhat annoyed you have to stop reading in the middle of a good scene to, you know, go to a lunch date you’d planned with a really good friend. You have to exert a real effort to remember that it’s AWESOME to have the chance to go out with that friend, that the book will be waiting afterward, and yes, you will in fact be a total selfish jerk if you call to postpone the preset timing half an hour for this non-emergency and non-urgent development.
  3. You watch the movie “Stranger than Fiction,” in which Will Ferrell plays a man who is actually a character in one of Emma Thompson’s novels and is cognizant of the god-like power she exerts on her life. And you start thinking, “Holy mess, I sure hope I’m not anyone’s character, because I wouldn’t even want to think about the sick mind it would take to write me up.” Also, if you’re a reader AND a writer, like me, and you write fiction about civil wars in fantastic societies, like me, in which lots of people die, you kind of freak out a little bit. HOLY MESS, WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!! Hahaha. (Fantastic movie. Every reader/writer should watch it.)
  4. You put yourself in the position of some of your favorite characters. You contemplate why they make the choices they do, and consider how you would act in their place. Dude, let me tell you, it’s good thing I’m not Harry Potter. Because Hogwarts would be in some serious trouble there.
  5. You have “the list” in your head. Ladies in particular, you know the list I mean. The list of awesome, eligible, fictional bachelors who actually understand women somehow, or learn to, and whom you would totally marry if they’d just come to life already and ask you. When you start to realize that Mr. Darcy would not find your personality remotely attractive in real life, you feel bummed for a minute, and then you shrug your shoulders. Who cares? He is the shiz. After all, does it really matter if Jane Austen has totally ruined your chances for a functional relationship?

Well, that’s all for now. NaNoWriMo update: I BROKE 40,000 WORDS this morning, (November 11.) Really excited. It’s tough going to get the juices flowing, but I’d say I’m definitely on my way!


10 responses to “Confessions of a Bookworm

  1. Yay! Go you. I’ve never seen “Stranger Tha Fiction”. Now I’m going to have to check it out. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have or feel the need for “A List”. Even my hubby has one, though most of his characters come from Goodkind’s Sword Of Truth series. (His women are not just hot, but powerful as well!)

  2. Loved this post! I laughed, because, well, I’ve seriously considered canceling lunches (and other things) so I can sit and read. LOL.
    Way to go on your word count! I’m not anywhere near you, but, I’m trucking along. 🙂

  3. Congrats on breaking 40K words! Great post, too! I’m partial to #2 haha.

  4. Wow..40,000 words and it is only 11/12!! You are definitely going to make it. In fact, I’ll bet that you even have some editing time there!! 🙂 Great job! You are quite an inspiration for me as a newbie!

    • thanks! I’ve been blessed with more free time than most this month. That’s really all it boils down to, I think. I’m glad I have my outline to help me out though! Hoping to hit 50k this week.

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