NaNoWriMo: One More Time???

I’m having a blast with National Novel Writing Month this year! I still have a lot to write of my novel, especially if I’m going to keep two parts as one book as I originally had planned, but I’ve hit 50k now. This is my first NaNoWriMo, so naturally I’ve been thinking a bit today: will I do it again? There’s always a chance I could change my mind, but I seriously don’t I’ll do NaNoWriMo again. Here’s why:

  1. RITE OF PASSAGE/BUCKET LIST ITEM: When I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year, it was partly because I felt like it was something I should do at least once. I wanted to do it, beat it, and be able to say that I had done it and beat it. Now that’s been accomplished, I don’t feel that I personally need more from the NaNoWriMo experience in later years. I know lots of people who do NaNoWriMo every single year, and that’s fantastic. I just don’t think that’s me.
  2. THE STARS LINED UP: I learned about NaNoWriMo at the end of this September. At that point in time, I had just finished my first trilogy. Part 1 was published, Part 2 was more or less ready for its November 9th release barring one last read through/edit, and a substantially edited Part 3 was out to beta readers. The timing was simply perfect for me: I had a month to outline a novel that could start a new trilogy focusing on very minor characters in the first one, and I knew how the first trilogy would set me up because I had finished writing it. I don’t foresee those kind of fortuitous events happening again.
  3. I GET WAY TOO ANXIOUS: I was really anxious about not only keeping pace with my word count but keeping ahead, because I’m that anxious a person and that perfectionistic. I knew I had that book release this month, so I really trudged hard the first week never really feeling that satisfied/safe. I worried life would cave in on me and prevent me reaching the goal. So while NaNo has been fun, there have been some aspects I could do without reliving.

If I ever do try NaNoWriMo again, it would be as another experiment, to try writing something that’s really off the wall for me: something without sorcerers, and royalty, and plots to take over the kingdom. Maybe try a Christian fiction novel,  something like that. It wouldn’t be to add another unit to my Herezoth novels.


7 responses to “NaNoWriMo: One More Time???

  1. I love the name of your blog, Crimson League sounds like a crime fighting gang saving the world one powerful verb at a time, disarming evil baddies razor sharp words and compelling them into submission with the power of the prose. Good luck with NaNoWriMa, I am involved this year too..

  2. The good thing about doing multiple NaNos is that the panic goes away. I’ve only been able to write 11 days this month. Eh, whatever. I could whip out the remaining 15k in 3 days and win, or I can stick with my 3k/day goal, take my days off (Thur, then the next Thur and Fri) and get where I get. I get excited about them now, but never freaked out. The structure works for me, and I like the sense of community, but my palms don’t sweat anymore! 😀 Congrats on winning your first (only?!) NaNo!

    • Thanks! NaNo’s been fun for sure, but I prefer working at my own pace. As I don’t have the time/energy to really make use of the forums (one of NaNo’s great perqs) and I prefer my own pace, which is still pretty prolific, I don’t know that I need to do NaNo again.

      Maybe as a rebel, adding 50k to whatever my WIP happens to be Next November. We’ll see!

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