See You Next Year!

1118215_constructionHello everyone! I just wanted to give a quick notice that I’m taking a week off from my daily blogging but will be back in 2013, on January 1st, to hit off the new year on the right foot. Hopefully I’ll have some updates for you, some great ideas for writing-process posts, as well as a new guest-blogging system set up, so stay tuned! Until then, feel free to search around and browse old posts by categories. There’s lots of information on the site broken down for easy access!

Since I started the blog in April, I’ve had some fun milestones: these include 14,000 lifetime hits and 1,000 “likes” on various pages. I’m excited as well as humbled by your visits and kind words, and I hope to only make the blog better going forward.


2 responses to “See You Next Year!

  1. Here’s to more milestones, Victoria! 🙂

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