Prepping for a KDP Select Free Promotion

How do you prep for a KDP Select Promo?

How do you prep for a KDP Select Promo?

I don’t write too often about marketing, but I’ve put a lot of attention on marketing these last few days.

At this point, most of my marketing consists of tweets and Facebook posts, and of course, KDP Select free promotions. I haven’t run a promotion for “The Crimson League” since October. (Well, I technically ran one in November, but didn’t advertise it because I had just done one the month before and was releasing my second book. Book two was a sequel, so I set book one to be free the day of release and the day after. Looking back, I could have handled all that a lot better. But you live and you learn, right? I plan to make this year’s release of “The King’s Sons” a big shindig!)

This will probably be the last promotion I run for “The Crimson League,” just because I’ve been running them for almost a year, and I’m really hoping to make an impact as I go out and shift promo emphasis to “The Magic Council.”

February 11-15 are the big days. I’m throwing some money behind the promotion, paying for advertisement on ebook sites for the first time ever excluding one, where I only paid for I have a review of “The Magic Council” coming out on a book blog that Thursday, and I have a guest post scheduled on a different blog that Tuesday. I’ve never officially arranged a blog tour, because I feel that with this blog running daily and everything else i have on my plate, it would be too much. But those two events should give me some good exposure during promo time. Here’s how I prep for a promo:

  • G.E. Johnson (author of “Get Connected: 101 Places to Promote Your Books Online”) has been a great resource for me. I recommend the book highly, though not all the links are still active and the book may no longer be available.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads are your friends
  • Blogs Blogs Blogs!

I’m still gathering lists of book promotion sites to tweet to from various sources. Maybe I can find more Goodreads groups too. I’m determined to break my record of 4200 downloads. If I don’t, I don’t, and I’ll get over the disappointment, but failure won’t be caused by lack of trying.

I’ve said before that the buildup to a free promo, for me, is like a kid waiting for Christmas. It’s so exciting when that first day comes, and I can go to the KDP Select site and watch the downloads roll in. I just love think that many more people are now able to read my work, and hopefully enjoy it. So much fun!!! I broke out in tears during my most successful promotion. Hopefully this one will be great too!!!

If you have questions about what I’ve done or haven’t done to run a promo–or if you have advice for me concerning your experiences and treasured promotional gems you’ve found–please do comment. Thanks!


4 responses to “Prepping for a KDP Select Free Promotion

  1. I’ve advertised a good bit with and a banner ad is only $7.50 a week. That’s the only place I’ve promoted The Hoard of the Doges to date, and the first week it was running that book ran neck and neck with Solomon’s Throne in sales. It’s hard to beat $7.50! I leave for Uganda on the 15th, but if you write a blog here about The Magic Council (which I started reading yesterday, btw) or anything else you’d like, I’ll reblog it on my blog for you. 🙂

  2. I’m planning my own KPD select so this was very helpful. Thanks for sharing

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