I’m reblogging the introductory snippet of THE CRIMSON LEAGUE because the novel is free from February 11-15. It’s already surpassed 2,300 downloads. If you’d like to check it out, you can go here:

Victoria Grefer Official Site

I loved the idea I saw on other authors’ websites of making a first chapter available for readers to look through. Because of that, for your enjoyment, I give you the first chapter of the first installment of The Herezoth trilogy! Genre: YA fantasy.


Chapter One: Bedtime Story

The autumn wind’s whistle died with a choke as Kora Porteg slammed her brother’s window. The tattered curtains fell lifeless against the wall. Kora made no habit of attacking windows, not in the quaint little cottage she’d called home all her seventeen years, but she was alarmed, and bitterly disappointed, at the state of this particular one.

“For the last time, Zacry, you can’t leave your room open to the world.”

“Things aren’t that….”

“Things are that bad! You should know. You steal Mother’s paper enough.”

“I understand about half of the paper, they make everything so cryptic. And…

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One response to “THE CRIMSON LEAGUE: Opening Excerpt

  1. Thanks Victoria,
    I’m looking forward to reading this.

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