The Post Promo Blahs

As I write this, my promotion hasn’t technically ended yet. It’s the last day, at 4:00 in the afternoon. Things have really slowed since the beginning (that happens when you schedule a promotion for 5 days). I’ve had 2,686 downloads in the US, so that’s pretty good. Hoping to read 2,700 by the end of the day. (Emphasis on “hoping.” Like I said, it’s slowed.)

Promotions are great times for me. They’re draining, and a huge emotional roller-coaster, but lately, they’ve really served as a distraction from all the craziness that is the rest of my life. The week of this promo, I concentrated on two things: the promo and the beginning of Lent. The promo and my faith. I even was able to more or less ignore Valentine’s Day this year. A decent week!

Now, with the promo ending, I’m smack dab in the middle of all the stuff that was draining me beforehand. I’ve got to edit a novel for publication this year, and try to keep promoting my books already out and hope/work for some kind of a post-promo sales bump. I have two huge freelance translation projects, and while they’re fun, they’re really killing me because they’re translation INTO Spanish, not out of it. Spanish isn’t my native language, though I’m fluent, so that’s tough. I’m really, really behind on editing a novel for someone I told I’d put my English major skills to use for. On top of all of this, I need to find a way to move home and oh yeah, find a job. A job would be nice.

It’s all just kind of overwhelming. And I worry my own fiction is going to suffer for it (or at least, the time I’m able to devote to my fiction.) Oh, well. That’s life. It happens, and I’m determined to be okay with that. If I’ve taken too much onto my plate, that’s my fault. I was really excited and determined to boost my resume, and I’m doing that. I’m also fine-tuning my Spanish skills big-time, and I love that. It’s great, now that I’ve abandoned my graduate program, to keep working with the language. As far as my writing: I will get that last installment of my trilogy out this year, and I’ll be able to consider it a true victory and accomplishment, considering the circumstances in which I’m working to that goal.

I guess it’s times like this that test my determination to be a writer, and times like this that force me to grow and expand my skills. I need to learn to take one task at a time, and not to let myself worry about other tasks when I’m working with one in particular. With my anxious, neurotic, Type-D personality, that’s much easier said than done. But I’ll get there, one day after another. After all, 2012 was filled with some great milestones in my writing career, events I wasn’t sure would ever happen. And this week alone, almost 3000 people downloaded my novel! I admit, I was hoping to tie or surpass my previous record of 4,200, since I put money behind this promo in ways I never have before.

A big part of being successful as a indie writer–and hey, successful in life in any capacity–is to appreciate each victory, each milestone, for what it is. Perspective is necessary. There’s no reason at all I shouldn’t be thrilled with the results of this promo, and I am thrilled. Life’s all about how you look at it. Instead of telling myself I fell way short of my goal and all-time record, I’m telling myself I more than doubled my previous #2 results. That’s amazing, when I really stop to think about it!

So, success. And a teaching moment in my life. What a crazy week!!!


2 responses to “The Post Promo Blahs

  1. I’ve been walking that “it’s enough” walk for a year or so now, and if you can keep your mind there, it will really change your life. Cliched, maybe, but true! You’re doing so much right now, and what you get done will be enough. Life happens, and that’s ok! πŸ˜€

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