A writer’s favorite memory of reading

1219898_old_books____2I realize it’s been a really, really long time since I’ve talked about reading, in pretty much any capacity. Not what I’m reading (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton), or why writers must be readers, or how to read like a writer should. So I thought it would be fun today to be a bit lowkey and write something different, focused on the reading side of things. I wanted to share my favorite reading memory (and ask about yours.)

Few books have ever sucked me in the way J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books did the first time I read them, and I distinctly, distinctly remember the day “Half-Blood Prince” came out. It was summer 2005, I was home from college, and my little sister and I had to go to David’s Bridal to order bridesmaid’s dresses for our older sister’s upcoming wedding. I knew the mail would come while we were out, and I knew my book would be in it. I COULDN’T WAIT. When we got home I ran in the house and asked where the mail was. My stepmother knew how much I’d been waiting for the book, so she told me the mail had come but my book hadn’t arrived with it. I didn’t believe her, and I was right not to. She’d stuck the book on the landing upstairs.

The best part of the story, though–and the reading moment–is what came next. My little sister was as Harry Potter nuts as me, and a friend who was supposed to bring her a copy hadn’t come by the house yet. So my sister and I went into her room, sat on her bed, and started reading my copy together. At the same time. Fangirling all over and freaking out about the first chapter. I did get frustrated, mainly because I read faster than she did and had to wait for her to finish each set of pages before I could flip to the next ones and keep going. But it was a really fun and special moment we shared that I’ll never forget!

What’s your favorite memory of reading?


13 responses to “A writer’s favorite memory of reading

  1. That’s a lovely story. My little sisters and I have always been avid Harry Potter fans. Though we’ve never actually read a book together, we’ve devoured them simultaneously and talked about them at length. 🙂 Still, if I had to pick a favourite book memory, it’d be eating rice krispies and pretending it was lemnas bread while reading Lord of the Rings.

  2. My favourite reading memory is the first chapter of any new book! Immersing myself in the story and meeting the main characters! A book has to be really bad for me to stop reading it! Reading has always been an escape for me! Every new book is a new world for me so there is a beautiful experience in every one! I know this is probably a weird answer but true!

    • that makes perfect sense, Debbie. I too love getting to know new characters. Depending on the book, I’d say that doesn’t always happen in the first chapter.(Pride and Prejudice, for instance, is horribly slow to get started.) Most times, though, it’s true a first chapter pulls you in 🙂

  3. I have read the Harry Potter books, have a set of first editions that is missing the last one. But that set did not pull me into the story like the Little House series of books did. I was having issues with reading as a child and the reading teacher told my mom and I that I needed to read more. He gave us a list of books. I picked a few, and when I got a hold of Little House in the Big Woods that did it for me. I devoured them. Mom would say it was bed time and I would get under the covers with a flash light to read until I fell asleep. Now to buy a hard copy of one of the books is around $800.00, thus the collection of Harry Potter. E. B. White is author that wrote some really great book. I like adult non-fiction and kids fiction I guess.

    • oh my gosh, I LOVED the Little House books as a girl 🙂 I loved them so much!!! Thanks for sharing, Debbie. You really brought me back. I remember sitting in bed as well reading “Little House in the Big Woods.” “Little House on the Prairie” was my fav.

  4. That’s an awesome story about you and your sister 🙂 The only book memory that comes to mind is when I was reading Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. I believe I was on the third book when I was sitting in my girlfriends living room waiting for her to wake up. I sat there for two hours just reading page after page as fast as I could. When she came out she asked how long I had been there and laughed at why I hadn’t just came in and woke her up. I’m a slow reader like your sister was, so it takes me a while to get through a 300+ page book. However, I think I read that book in two and a half days, which would of been accomplished sooner if it wasn’t during the work week. Terry Goodkind is an excellent writer and I was very impressed how he could create so much content and such a huge world out of such a little map. He writes Fantasy by the way and I definitely recommend reading his books.

  5. I remember vividly reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White when I was younger. I couldn’t stop reading it!

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    For my book/author day, I wanted to share this post about a favorite reading memory. What are some of yours? Comment below, and let’s talk about it!

  7. Also Harry Potter, but different book. On the day the 4th HP book came out, I had a piano recital that morning. So we stopped by the book store, grabbed the book, and I was just able to squeeze in the first chapter or so before we arrived at the recital. Then I had to sit through the most painful 2 hours of my life, on the one hand dying to read the book but not allowed because I had to listen to all the other students at the recital, and on the other hand freaking out because I’m terrified of public performances (plus I kind of suck at piano, lol). When I FINALLY got out of that hell hole, we got into the car, I cracked open my book … and the car broke down. Dad stuck around to wait for the CAA to show up, and Mom took my brother and I home via public transit. But we’d never taken public transit in that town before, so it took us 2 hours to get home. But I was fine, because I had HARRY POTTER to sustain me!!!

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