Social Media Promotion: How I reached 20,000 blog hits

1403785_laptopThis afternoon (as I’m writing this on March 10, 2013) my ticker for all-time hits for Creative Writing with the Crimson League hit 20,000. And that has me super stoked.

I started blogging about creative writing less than a year ago, on April 26, 2012. As for 20k hits, I honestly have how no idea how average or above/below average that is. I haven’t looked into that or asked around. I’m not interested in comparisons; all I need to know is that what I’m seeing is  beyond anything I personally expected or hoped for where my personal blogging ventures were concerned.

I’ve written before about why I love this blog, and why I force myself to get a post out every day even though that’s not always the easiest thing to do. Hitting the 20k mark seems as good a time as any to discuss something I’ve never touched on, though: how I promote my blog. In case you haven’t heard of one or more of these venues, here are the outlets I use (Mainly social media marketing. I’ll save the obvious ones for the bottom for y’all).

20,000 hits!!! I need to celebrate.

20,000 hits!!! I need to celebrate.

  • The Social Buzz Club. If you haven’t yet checked out, you should. I have a paid subscription, but you can join for free as well if that’s not possible for you. Members “buzz” each others’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and Digg, to get everyone maximum exposure. You buzz only the things your followers will find useful, and others do the same. It’s a wonderfully supportive community. (Since I joined a week and a half ago I’ve had over 115 “buzzes” of my posts.)
  • NOTE: the Social Buzz Club also gives access to a whole backlog of one hour webinars about how to successfully utilize social media to paying members. I’ve listened to a bunch of them and learned lots of useful stuff.
  • Stumbleupon. I researched what Stumbleupon was when I heard a couple of people on twitter mention it. The day I joined and started adding my posts, I had 641 hits on my blog. I think they’ve changed the algorithms since them, but I still put my posts on Stumbleupon every day and get hits each day from it.
  • HOW STUMBLING WORKS: You create an account and give Stumbleupon your interests. You can manually add pages that you like. Or you can “Stumble” and the site will take you to a random page someone else has liked (or lots of people have liked) that corresponds with your interests. It’s fabulous!
  • Goodreads. Some people don’t think of Goodreads, but I put a link to my Harry Potter posts on Harry Potter fan pages there over the summer. That link still bring in comments and hits. Also, lots of Goodreads groups have “Blog” categories on their pages for members to list and promote their blogs.
  • CONNECT YOUR BLOG: You can connect your blog to Goodreads as well. Your posts will filter into your author page there, and people can follow through to your blog.
  • Twitter. I tweet links to 2 or 3 different posts each day, especially popular ones and always the newest post. This is pretty standard, I think.
  • Facebook. Don’t only promote on your fanpage (though you should.) There are various Facebook groups and pages that encourage book and blog promotion. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it (once a day) and make sure the page allows it. You don’t want to be that spammer.

28 responses to “Social Media Promotion: How I reached 20,000 blog hits

  1. I’m going to check out The Social Buzz Club and Stumbleupon. My kids use Stumbleupon but I didn’t realize you could post your own stuff. I don’t use Goodreads much — I tried, and it just frustrates me so much I decided that once a month was enough! (I do have my blog linked there, though.) Thanks for the info! And I love your new blog design. 😀

  2. Any chance you can tell me how to link my blog to Goodreads? Use small words, I suck at that kind of thing. Haha.

    • I can try!!! haha. Not sure if I remember how I set it up exactly, but looking back at goodreads:

      My blog shows up on my author profile. So if you go to your main author profile page (or maybe the “edit profile” page), there should be mention of a blog.

      It will let you EITHER: type posts directly into a blog on goodreads (don’t do that!), or enter the RSS feed or an external blog (That’s what you want.)

      Basically, take the url for your blog and at the end add ” /feed ” to it. (So mine is

      Save those settings, and it should automatically “pull” your blog post and display them on your goodreads profile.

      I really hope that helps!!! Let me know if have trouble figuring it out.

  3. Congratulations. In the same time period I collected less than a third of that. That may be because I don’t post every day and I’m not as social media savvy as you.

    • I have to say, posting every day is kind of killer. Many many a time I have considered cutting back. Eventually I might. But I’m trying to do once a day as long as I can. I think it does make a difference!

  4. I also recently joined social buzz club which is how I met you:) I also have a stumbleupon account. I haven’t connected it to my social buzz club account. By far I get more twitter shares. I just found out about goodreads and joined. I need to go in and link my blog.

    • If you have any ebooks published about business promotion then your readers would love to find about your blog on goodreads!!!

      and I too get TONS of tweets from the SBC. more than facebook or linkedin. I can’t get stumbleupon to work with it.

  5. I agree that StumbleUpon is great. I had never heard of Social Buzz so I signed up. Thanks for the helpful info

  6. I have hear about Social Buzz Club but never joined. I will have to go there and sign up now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! Amazing progress, and well deserved. It’s because you are so willing to give advice and share. Open, honest and very human – like talking over coffee.

    I’ll definitely be taking your advice. Thank you.

  8. I use stumbleupon, too, and found that if you only post from one URL it will freeze your account for a few days. So make sure to post other content to Stumbleupon, such as your author page on amazon, goodreads, press releases pertaining to your book, reviews, etc. It can really be a great resource. Have you tried More complicated, with alot of sub sections which cater to a young crowd but I have gotten quite a few hits from it. Like stumbleupon, you have to share from a wide range of URLs.

    • thanks for reminding us all about the multiple URL requirement for stumbleupon!!! I hadn’t thought to make note of it, but you’re definitely right.

      And I’ve never gotten on Reddit before…. I’ve heard a lot about the average/stereotypical user and I don’t really fit the description. But maybe it’s time to try it out!!! I appreciate the suggestion, Carmen! I’d say that’s the next step for me….and maybe some of the readers who stop by the blog as well. 🙂

  9. Impressive! I’m a longtime Stumbler myself and I never thought to Stumble my own posts. Great idea, and thanks for sharing that and all the others!

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  12. angel7090695001

    Is a regular schedule a must have? Do you have to stick to it like once a week? I post on my blog when I feel like it which probably isn’t the best approach but I have over 166 hits which for a new website which has been online for about a month I think is very good.

    • It’s totally up to you and what you want to do. Everyone does say a regular schedule for posting on a blog–even that’s every two weeks–is better than just doing things willy nilly, but when all is said and done, it’s what you prefer 🙂 I would recommend some kind of regular schedule for blog posting, for sure. I think that’s the best way to build up a regular readership. But that’s me. If that’s not right for you then you can make your approach work.

  13. angel7090695001

    You definitely don’t want to be that spammer. My account for kindleboards got terminated because of spamming and I still don’t know why as far as I know I was abiding by the forum rules (I checked.)

  14. I just tried adding my blog posts to Stumbleupon, but I’m not allowed to add more than 3. 😦
    Will try the Social Buzz Club later.

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