Social Networks: Which To Choose? (author edition)

New to social media? Well, it’s a crazy world out there in social media for us authors, though all those sites present wonderful marketing opportunities! There are so many platforms, and I know that I, personally, have never really known which to take the time to tackle and which to avoid. Well, I’d love to welcome LOUISE FINDLAY,  fellow fantasy author, as a guest blogger today! She joins us from merry old Scotland.

Louise will help clear up the maze that is social media. I wish I could have read this last year, when I was first getting involved with social media!!!

Once again, Louise Findlay writes fantasy ebooks and inspirational poetry. See her website at You can follow Louise on twitter as well and join her facebook page. She’s running a contest with a chance to name a character in one of her novels!

Without further ado, here she is:

1207154_wireless_3You’ve probably heard of Facebook and Twitter, but what about Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+? This guest post will help you decide which to join.

I would recommend that everyone join Facebook and Twitter as they are the main social networks that people use. What makes managing multiple social networks easier is connecting accounts, so posting to one network will post to all networks.


Twitter is basically micro-blogging. You have 140 characters to make a message (tweet.) You follow people, which means you get their tweets in your timeline, and people follow you to get your tweets in their timeline.


Facebook is like Twitter except without the character limit. Followers and people that follow you are one and the same under the name of friends. You can like a page, which is like voting for it. Like Twitter you also get a timeline. Make sure your friends are reputable as there is a lot of spammers on Facebook.


LinkedIn is an optional social network but I quite like it. It is very business-like so it is basically the opposite of Facebook, which is very social. You can customise your profile to reflect your jobs and what you have accomplished. You can also join groups and can get sent an email whenever someone new posts.


Pinterest is another optional social network which revolves around pictures (pins.) You set up pinboards around a topic and pin pictures to it. Other people can pin on your pinboard which can create interesting and creative pictures.


I have been reluctant to join Google+ but it has circles. You can create your own circles and drop people (friends) into the circles so you can message a selected group of people. Like Facebook, but instead of likes you can +1 a page.


I must say I deleted my Pinterest account as I didn’t like it and have not yet joined Google+, but join as many social networks as you like. I wouldn’t advise that you join them all as you would get exhausted posting to them all. When you get a bigger following, I would suggest using something like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your posts. This means you only have to post something once and you can post something throughout the day even when you are sleeping. This avoids having a big clump of posts at one time and no one reading them as they are not online at that time. My parting advice is only join the ones you like using. Good luck in using social networks.

Thanks Louise!!! I’d like to get the comments rolling here with some thoughts of my own.

First, don’t forget that using Google+ really helps your search engine results! It’s connected to Google, so using it affects your SEO. I personally just started using it for that reason.

I don’t use Pinterest myself, but I understand many others pin images of their book covers, personalized swag, and photos from book signings and other fun events.

Louise’s tip to join groups on Facebook is dead-on wonderful. I didn’t do that right away and it proved so helpful to meet people and direct traffic to my blog once I did!

On a related note, the best way, I’ve heard, to make connections on LinkedIn and Google+ is to join groups related to creative writing or to your genre, or even other interests you have apart from these.

I personally use Hootsuite during free promotions and it is WONDERFUL! I second Louise’s recommendation to use these scheduling tools to save time and keep social media organized.


34 responses to “Social Networks: Which To Choose? (author edition)

  1. I think Hootsuite is great. It is wonderful for navigating the social media world without all the time spent posting to each and every social site, not that I have mastered the use of social media but before Hootsuite I was finding it exhausting.

  2. angel7090695001

    Thanks for accepting my guest post and editing it. It is now much better. I personally use buffer instead of hootsuite but a social media tool is a must. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway.

    Louise Findlay

  3. angel7090695001

    Reblogged this on Louise Findlay Books and commented:
    This is a guest post I did for the Crimson League blog.

  4. I don’t use Pinterest as “social media.” That’s just my fun thing, where I put recipes and clothes and cute pictures of animals and dumb stuff like that. Hootsuite is a must, and Facebook and Twitter. I tried Triberr and couldn’t figure it out, and don’t like Google+ at all. There’s only so many hours in the day – I definitely agree you have to choose what you like and only do those, plus use a tool like Hootsuite to save your sanity! Great guest post! thanks.

  5. Nancy Jardine

    Hi Louise. Thanks for your tips. I’m on everything except Hootsuite and buffer and my aim in April is to investigate those. Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said

  6. forgingshadows

    Could you do something on Hootsuite? Or have you already? I have been acquainted with the good and bad of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, but I honestly know nothing of Hootsuite.

  7. Lynne Quintana

    Thanks for the tips. I’m into facebook and twitter. Not sure if I’m ready to tackle other social networks but I guess its worth a try.

  8. angel7090695001

    It would be good to do a post on the many social media tools like Tweet deck, Hootsuite and Buffer. You could maybe do a cross-blog series of posts on the subject. Like someone does a post on Hootsuite which has a link to part 2 and 3 which is on a different blog which talks about Tweet deck or Buffer.

    • not a bad idea at all, Louise! I wish I had expertise in any of these to be able to do it. Like I said, maybe Hootsuite eventually but I’d have to get more familiar with it

      • angel7090695001

        I switched from Hootsuite to buffer because I didn’t like the layout and I find the buffer app easier to use. I know how to use enough I think to do a blog post on it. I like using the bookmarklet on safari to get a web page on buffer and then tweet it. The free version only lets you schedule so many posts but it is good enough for now.

  9. angel7090695001

    How is the stats (hits) for this post?

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