BOOK RELEASE NOTICE: Let your inner writer show. “Writing for You” comes July 31!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 1.37.23 PMIt’s July 1, which means the countdown has started. And I will be ready. I will release my writer’s handbook on the last day of the month. 30 days from now. I hope everyone is excited, because I’m hoping to make a splash upon release.

Writing for You: A Novelist’s Guide to the Craft of Fiction is coming soon, soon, soon to in paperback and for kindle. I’ll post the introduction for you guys later in the month, I promise!

Right now, I am realizing how pumped I am feeling. And this is great. I have been a bit down lately, and I need something to get me energized. To get me focused and invested in my writing again. This deadline, this pressure, will give me those parts of me back. I am so, so excited to share this book with everyone!

Here is some more info about the book:

  • Though inspired by the blog, lots of information in the book doesn’t appear here. That includes a detailed breakdown of point of view and head hopping.
  • Other new content (among more): much new information about writing dialogue, a new “writing tic” in the style chapter, and a reflection upon having your narrator be or follow a character whose style doesn’t mesh with yours.
  • Much of the new content was inspired by questions and observations you guys made in comments here. You. Are. Awesome!!!
  • Some content is recycled from the blog, but even if you’ve been exposed to that content before, it is grouped and ordered in new ways. The new arrangement, I hope, will help even the most faithful readers of my blog connect in new ways with the material and find new inspiration from it.
  • Chapter two, “The Cardinal Rules of Writing,” might be my favorite. It consolidates and compresses the most important tips for success I have learned throughout the years. My plan was to present the focus of the entire book there, and then expand, exemplify, and drive those rules home in the other chapters.
  • I include, at the end, an annotated bibliography of resources that have proven ridiculously helpful in teaching me how to write and how to evaluate my writing. Being annotated, the bibliography includes an explanation of what the book’s purpose is, how readable it is, and what I found most useful about it. This should help readers pinpoint which resources they are most interested in seeking out.
  • My intent was to make the book approachable and useful for both new and seasoned writers, and for writers of my genre (fantasy) as well as other genres.
  • If you’re new to writing, it will help you get yourself in order and ready to write! If you’re a seasoned writer, it will inspire you to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses, and maybe inspire you to stretch yourself and adjust your approach.
  • Right now, Writing for You is at 77,000 words.
  • That word count includes a special addition at the end: the first chapter of The Crimson League, which is the first installment of my sword and sorcery trilogy. You can read that or not, but I’m not considering it part of the book when I set price, so it’s a fun freebie for those who might be interested.
  • I am planning to price the ebook between $3.99 and $6.99. Price will depend on how much more information I end up adding to the draft and what the final word count is. I’m not sure yet how cheap I will be able to make the paperback, but I hope to keep the price under $10.

I wrote this book because you guys expressed interest in reading it. You gave me feedback on previous covers and on the table of contents. In a very real way, this book is as much yours as it is mine. I hope y’all are ready for it!

If you are, you can now add “Writing to You” to a bookshelf on (just click here).

Make sure you keep coming back to the blog for updates about the release. I hope to launch a giveaway on goodreads, give you guys the introduction, and post various other sneak peeks over the course of the month.

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy Monday!


18 responses to “BOOK RELEASE NOTICE: Let your inner writer show. “Writing for You” comes July 31!

  1. I’m excited – can’t wait to see it!

  2. I added it to my want to read list. How exciting!!

  3. Congratulations! Having written a book, I know all the crazy stuff that takes place. This is a great accomplishment! 🙂


  4. Good luck with the release! Setting deadlines always helps me get moving on a project.

  5. Good for you. Congrats and have fun/enjoy the ride 😉

  6. If its anything like your blogs i’m sure it will be very helpful

  7. YEAY! Good for you. I’m so excited. Let me know what I can do to help you out. I’d love to feature it on my site, and do a review.

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