THANK YOU ALL for helping make this week’s free promotion a success!

My  hat's off to y'all!

My hat’s off to y’all!

I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who helped out with this week’s free promotion of “Writing For You.”

I paid for no advertising. I had no set plans for promotion. In fact, I made up my mind last Sunday, spur-of-the-moment, being impulsive and following my gut–which is rare for me–to do a free promo.

Despite all those things, I can definitely say the week was a success!

I cannot say how much I appreciate your support and encouragement, which came in so many forms over the last few days: heartwarming comments, downloads, reblogs and retweets, referrals and recommendations to your friends and family.

I don’t always post promo results, but since you were so instrumental in this one, I’d like to share what you helped me achieve:

  • A number one ranking in Amazon’s “writing skills” category for 3 full days. THREE DAYS!
  • 919 downloads in the US of “Writing for You.”
  • 102 downloads in the UK
  • Germany came in 3rd, with 20.
  • One of the best weeks for blog hits I have seen in MONTHS.

I have had more successful promos for other books in terms of download numbers, but never one that made me feel this good.

You guys…. This week, and the outpouring of excitement and support you gave me….

It just makes EVERYTHING I do online with my blog worthwhile. The time, the social media, the stressing over what to write, the disappointment when things take a downturn….

I run this blog to help myself work out my fiction issues and to find my inner writer, but every day I hope the frustrations I express, the advice I give, and the descriptions I lay out might encourage or help someone who stops by. The same goes for the writer’s handbook.

So this week I was just overwhelmed by how many of you jumped to promote my promo. If you downloaded, I hope you find the book worth your time!

Just remember to always write for you 🙂 If you write for you, then you’re writing right.


12 responses to “THANK YOU ALL for helping make this week’s free promotion a success!

  1. Congrats! Those are amazing stats.

  2. Victoria, I sent copies of your blog post re the Amazon op to all my writer friends. Know many took advantage of the opportunity. Big Ten-Four, Way to Go! Congrats! (BTW, told my friends yours was a valuable blog. Hope you picked up more readers too.)

    • thank you so much, Morgyn!!! I can’t say how much I appreciate your support. I’m so glad your friends were able to take advantage of the promo! I have picked up some new followers this week…. you are probably responsible for referring a handful of them. Again, much thanks! 🙂

  3. So happy to hear your stats, Victoria! Hopefully I was able to help. I posted it on my Facebook page and on Twitter. I also recommended your blog. I know some of my followers responded. 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to crack into your book. I have a serious NY resolution about improving my writing, dialogue and foreshadowing etc. thanks for the book and of course your amazing blog!

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