(First world) Bookworm Problems

  1. 1207951_woman_reading_at_homeRead something completely new? Reread something awesome? Read the next book in that series you started and are loving? This leads to:
  2. You sometimes read so many books at once that you forget what’s happening or where you are in some of them.
  3. The multiple books you are reading all jumble together in a weird dream where you and Harry Potter are hanging out with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett but then you all have to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. Harry dies first because he won’t use his wand to do anything but disarm people. You escape on a raft down the Mississippi with Huck Finn….
  4. I just got to the BEST PART of this novel and…. Oh yeah, that work place. I guess I’d better go to there. Le sigh.
  5. Why, favorite book? Why did you take a suicide dive off my bookshelf? Now your spine is mutilated and… I can’t even deal right now.
  6. When you run out fun, cute bookmarks. And you COULD buy more, but that’s money you could use to buy books. So you end up using random strips of paper or something for bookmarks.
  7. You have, say, $25 to spend on books, and you don’t know whether to buy two books at $10 and $15 or one you really want at $25. Yeah, you really want that book. But you could get two, one of which is on sale and….
  8. Hey hubby/little sis/ best friend, you know I love you. I love you, right? Return my book or prepare to die. I have Hunger Game experience. Don’t test me.
  9. Bookshelf space dissolves into a black hole that exists somewhere along your wall. That crack in the essence of time and space from Doctor Who? It’s real. And it exists in your bedroom, not Amelia Pond’s.
  10. MOVING. Moving is the WORST. Half your boxes end up filled with books. And you consider getting rid of some books, donating them or what not. You do that for some you doubt you’ll read again and end up regretting it immediately
  11. VACATIONS. They’re tricky too. Book are heavy so I don’t want to bring too many, but I want to make sure I have something on hand and enough reading to last me the whole trip. What do I pack???
  12. EBOOK OR REAL BOOK? Ebooks are convenient and often cheaper but you can’t display them, can’t take notes in them (at least not the same way), can’t collect them, can’t get that “book high” feel from them.
  13. Scholarly reader problem. Yeah, I could get that book from the library. But then I can’t keep it take notes in it or highlight. And I can’t add it to my collection of books on that topic that really interests me and that I’m researching.
  14. I never got to go to Hogwarts. Or visit Narnia. I wasn’t born in Middle Earth. All this is just completely unacceptable.

What other bookworm problems have you experienced?


5 responses to “(First world) Bookworm Problems

  1. Accidentally not sleeping but instead reading through the entire night. It’s only happened to me once, and it was worth it.

  2. So funny and so true.
    My shelves are so packed with must-reads. I’m considering a literary IV.

  3. Finishing a super thriller at four in the morning and wondering if you dare get out from under the covers to turn the lights out. Or is it safer sleeping with the lights on or staying up til daylight.

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