The Sequel

Cover design by Brad Covey

Cover design by Brad Covey

Continue the saga of Herezoth and its magicked inhabitants with “The Magic Council,” sequel to “The Crimson League” and the second novel in the Herezoth trilogy.
When a group of politically active sorcerers kidnaps the king’s children, Zacry Porteg, a sorcerer himself, returns to Herezoth with Vane Unsten, the kingdom’s only living noble-born sorcerer who had been studying beneath his care. Join Vane as he struggles to reunite the princes with their parents and to overcome the spirited opposition he faces as he claims his father’s title, Duke of Ingleton, and forges a place for himself in King Rexson Phinnean’s court. There are those who would prefer the nephew of Zalski Forzythe, the former sorcerer-dictator, to remain dead in the eyes of the kingdom, and such views lend adventure to politics and danger to romance….

(Cover design by Brad Covey, I highly recommend him to all my fellow authors.)


One response to “The Sequel

  1. Hi there, I was extremely lucky to get an advanced copy of “The Magic Council”! It was awesome! It follows on beautifully from “The Crimson League” with a similar feel! The world Victoria Grefer created is believable and is beautifully described! The characters are very well written and you feel like you know them soon after meeting them! Not just know them but love them! Characters from “The Crimson League” are perfectly carried over and it feels like a reunion when you meet them again! I cried on a couple of occasions, laughed a few times and felt every emotion available! I can’t recommend this book higher and will give it a 5 out of 5 stars! Get your copy as soon as you can especially if you have read “The Crimson League”! Miss it at your own peril!

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