The Third Installment


Finish the saga of Herezoth a quarter century after it all began with regicide and rebellion.

Rightful king Rexson Phinnean has ruled Herezoth for twenty-five years, mostly in peace. But now twenty sorcerers, snubbed when the king founded the Magic Council ten years before, have joined forces to attack the village of Partsvale and exact revenge. Can the king stop them? What’s the nature of their grudge? Will the royal spy, the sorcerer Duke of Ingleton, make it out alive? And when sorceress Kora Porteg violates the terms of her banishment to return from Traigland to offer the king her aid, along with three of her children, what chaos will ensue?

You can download the novel here in ebook format or buy it in paperback.

Cover design by Brad Covey,


2 responses to “The Third Installment

  1. Thanks for allowing The King’s Sons to be borrowed from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. I’ve downloaded it and started reading!

    • I hope you enjoy it, Michael! I really love the KDP Select program and all it entails. At the moment, I’m too busy to format and upload to other sites anyway, so giving Amazon digital rights for 90 days is no loss to me 🙂

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